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Peter and Lisa answer your home painting questions, Paper Moon Painting

Notes on our home painting blog:

We know there’s a lot of “noise” out there.  With the monetization of blogs and other sites like Instagram or Pinterest, not to mention lead-generating sites like Angie’s List, it seems like everyone out there has written posts or articles about home improvement and home design, just to get you to click on their site.


Unfortunately, most of the stuff out there is . . . not very useful.


We’ve taken great care to write posts that we feel are more in-depth and practical than what you’ll find in the average home painting blog.  We especially lean towards topics relating to interior design.  Since most home painters don’t have training in interior design or color consulting, and probably don’t work with interior designers as closely as we do, we feel we’re uniquely suited to address some of these topics.  After all, there’s plenty of inspiration online, but knowing how to incorporate good design choices into your own home painting project is another matter entirely!  We hope you’ll find some good information here.


In addition to design advice, we also show you behind-the-scenes posts like this one on the whole cabinet painting process, and on what really matters when you’re looking for a great painting company.  (Hint:  It’s not just their online reviews!)  And if you’re working with an interior designer, please don’t miss this article on what NOT to do!


We’ve also gleaned some of our favorite interior design-related articles from around the web, here.   We don’t share it on our website unless we think it’s truly worth reading!


And if you want some lovely visual inspiration, check out our InstagramPinterest, and Houzz pages.  (No, we haven’t monetized anything!)  Browse the internet and dream, then come here for help in implementing your vision!