Wallpaper Trends in Nurseries


Wallpaper Trends in Nurseries

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If you’re expecting a little one, congratulations!!!  There’s nothing more exciting than planning for your precious bundle of joy, whether it’s your first or you’re adding to a growing family.

Part of the fun is deciding how you’re going to decorate your new baby’s space.  We’ve got the latest on popular wallpaper trends in nurseries, because they have definitely evolved over the years!  Let’s take a look at what we’re seeing in some truly inspiring spaces now.


Nursery wallpaper is growing up


Design by Voge Interiors, May Carlson photo, Paper Moon Painting

The days of finding a stick-on border of blue teddy bears or pink roses is long gone.  “Wallpaper has made quite the comeback over the last ten years,” says Katelyn McPherson of KBK to the Trade in San Antonio, Texas.  “We are now seeing not just accent walls, but also full wallpapered rooms, including large prints and murals.”

Kristen Bush of Voge Interiors agrees.  “I love enveloping a baby’s room in a pattern that will still work ten years later.  The right wallpaper can wrap a nursery in a sweet or magical vibe and also grow with the child as they develop their own personality.”


Three main wallpaper trends to know about

Using a nursery wallpaper that is more grown-up and sophisticated is probably the biggest evolution in wallpaper trends, and falls into three main categories:

  1. Traditional, classic wallpaper that isn’t specifically designed for any age group
  2. Wallpapers that are meant for nurseries or kids’ room but are gender-neutral
  3. Gender-specific wallpaper that will suggest “boy’s room” or “girl’s room”, but isn’t babyish and can grow with the child over time.


Traditional, classic wallpaper that isn’t “baby-themed”

Heidi Caillier Design, Haris Kenjar photo

Virtually any wallpaper that has a softer color palette can be used in babies’ rooms.  These wallpapers can have a simple repeating pattern that you might see in any room in the home, from bedrooms to living or dining rooms.  The key is to keep the colors in the wallpaper on the lighter or softer side, without harsh contrasts.

Mindy Gayer Design, Vanessa Lentine photo

By keeping the wallpaper somewhat neutral, you have tremendous flexibility as your little one grows older.  Playfulness and whimsy can be added with decor and accessories.

Lark and Grace Interiors, Rachel Alyse Manning photo

Some of our favorite wallpaper trends for babies includes using scenic or mural wallpapers, especially in muted color schemes.  These can foster creativity and imagination in your little one as they grow.

Little Crown Interiors, David Casas photo
Design by Elizabeth Bolognino, Adam Kane Macchia photo


Gender-neutral nursery wallpaper

These wallpapers may be designed for kids’ rooms, but they aren’t limited to boys or girls.  Whimsical scenes, skies, maps, or vintage designs are popular.  Since these wallpapers might be “busier”, they can carry the heavy lifting in terms of decor, so just your crib, some furnishings and drapes and a few art prints might be enough to complete your baby’s nursery.

Little Hands Wallpaper
Little Hands Wallpaper
Design by Krista Horton, Allyssa Ashlee photo

Gender-specific wallpaper trends that are more grown-up

If you love having a more gender-themed baby’s room, embrace the pink or blue!  Or go for patterns that lean more toward traditional boys’ or girls’ decor.  But the trend now is toward more mature choices of pattern, to give your child’s room a longer shelf life, so to speak.

Jennifer Beek Hunter design, Allie Provost photo
Design by Voge Interiors, May Carlson photo, Paper Moon Painting
Design by Voge Interiors, May Carlson photo, Paper Moon Painting
Design by Voge Interiors, May Carlson photo, Paper Moon Painting


Tips for designing a nursery you’ll love

When it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery, focus on making it feel joyful and calming.  After all, this is a room you’ll spend a lot of time in, and sometimes you might be tired from a busy day and just want a peaceful oasis where you can bond with your little one.


Start with a vibe that speaks to you

Heidi Caillier Design, Christopher Horwood photo

“Avoid choosing something just because it’s trendy, especially instead of a paper that feels more authentic to you,” says Sarah Jenkins Goldner, wallpaper manager for Paper Moon Painting.  When I had my baby it felt like I spent the first six solid months in his nursery, and I was so happy I’d decorated it in a way that felt authentic to celebrating him, while making it a comfy space for me as well.”


Find the right nursery wallpaper without getting overwhelmed

If you know you’d like to use wallpaper in your nursery, start shopping as soon as you decide, so you have time to really see what’s available and what inspires you.  We put together a comprehensive guide to where to buy wallpaper, to make it easier!

There are so many thousands of potential wallpapers that you can spend weeks looking at them all.  To simplify, start your online search with a few design decisions already in place, such as whether you have a particular theme in mind or want something more grown-up or sophisticated.

Design by Voge Interiors, May Carlson photo, Paper Moon Painting

Begin planning your baby’s room early

New parents are nervous enough, without the added stress of not having everything ready in time!  Allow yourself plenty of leeway to find the right wallpaper, get it shipped, and schedule installation.  Give yourself months of lead time, not weeks.


Don’t forget budget

There are two costs involved in wallpapering a space:  the cost of the paper itself, and the cost of installation.  If you already have smooth walls, you may be able to install a good peel-and-stick wallpaper yourself, but if your walls are textured, you’ll need a professional installer.  

Little Hands Wallpaper

Contact a local wallpaper installer who can measure your space and give you a “roll count”, so you know how many rolls you’ll need to order.  Or you can try an online wallpaper calculator, but don’t make the mistake of removing the square footage of your doors or windows!  This usually leads to ordering too little wallpaper for your space.  Better to have an extra roll or two, especially because you can use it in the future for any necessary repairs to your wallpaper.

Design by Voge Interiors, May Carlson photo, Paper Moon Painting

Enjoy the process!


Whether you want a classic wallpaper that would work in any room in your home, a specifically-kids’ wallpaper that works for either boys or girls, or a gender-specific wallpaper for nurseries that has a more grown-up sensibility, remember that at the end of the day, you want a space that brings joy and love to you and your little one.


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