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We understand the realities of commercial and hospitality projects, which have tight deadlines and budgets to meet.  With the manpower to get the work you need done no matter the scale, you don’t have to worry about the wallpaper installation aspect of your project.

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Rest assured you’re seeing actual projects of ours.

  Yugo Austin Waterloo – Austin, Tx

Design Firm:  LV Collective

Lead Designer:  Chelsea Kloss

Photographers:  Chase Daniel, Avery Nicole

  Estelle’s Social Lounge – Austin, Tx

Design Firm:  LV Collective

Lead Designer:  Chelsea Kloss

Photographer:  Brian Cole

  Restaurant Claudine – San Antonio, Tx

Design Firm:  Crystal Sinclair Designs

Photographer:  Crystal Sinclair

  West House Austin  – Austin, Tx

Design Firm:  LV Collective

Lead Designer:  Chelsea Kloss

Photographer:  Avery Nicole

  UpScale Southtown – San Antonio, Tx

Design Firm:  Crystal Sinclair Designs

Photographer:  Chase Daniels

And many others . . .

Want to know how much it costs to install commercial wallpaper?

There’s no simple way to give ballpark pricing for hospitality or commercial wallpaper installation projects because these are usually large-scale endeavors, but if yours is a smaller project such as a boutique hotel, storefront, or spa, some of the ballpark figures in this residential wallpaper installation pricing guide may be helpful!

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We’ve also got some great blog posts, for your perusal.  Especially see the ones on removing wallpaper, for an entertaining-but-informative look at whether you should even try it!


A few design notes:


The world of hospitality design has evolved, and today’s wallcovering choices are stunning.  Commercial vinyl wallpaper has always been touted for its durability, making it the wallpaper of choice for hotels, resorts, and office buildings.  New technologies in wallpaper manufacturing have greatly expanded the possibilities, with wallcoverings that are stylish and high-impact, design-wise, but also tough enough for high-traffic spaces.  The projects shown here are an excellent example!

We’ll provide the expert help you need to navigate the world of commercial wallpaper installation, from advising on selections, to measuring quantities to order, to the installation itself.