Many homes in San Antonio, Texas lean toward “classic” interiors, but the city actually boasts several design styles.  Maybe that’s why so many San Antonio interior designers and custom home builders love our cabinet painters!  They know that, regardless of design style, our furniture-quality cabinet finishes make even outdated cabinets look like new.

Here are some of our favorite projects.  And check out our “Before and After” page – it’s always fun seeing those “before” photos!

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A few design notes on cabinet painting in San Antonio

Despite preconceptions about “Texas style”, San Antonio is quite varied in its approach to interior design.  In outlying areas such as Boerne or Fair Oaks Ranch, the iconic “Hill Country ranch” style reigns supreme.  Central areas such as Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills or Olmos Park have more “luxe traditional” leanings.  And we see contemporary and mid-century modern-inspired kitchens as well, especially in condos and new construction.

Compared to our Austin cabinet painting projects, San Antonio cabinet painting leans more conservative in its color choices.  You’ll see many more off-whites, pale grays, or dark neutrals here.  However, these colors are often part of a more luxurious approach to design.  Brass fixtures, high gloss finishes, intricate backsplash tiles . . .  the cabinets were painted as part of these updates, but the color is usually a supporting player, not the dominant feature.

Why are you seeing other rooms here besides kitchens?  Cabinetry lives throughout a home, from the closets to the baths to the home bars or libraries.  We love helping transform all of these spaces!

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