Plaster Finishes


Love the look of a fine European plaster finish?  So do we!

From sleek, polished Venetian plasters, to smooth, soft lime finish plasters and fine interior stucco finishes, our artisans can do them all.  We can also do metallic paints and plasters such as Lusterstone – see our Custom Finishes for more details.

Custom plaster finishes lend an elegance and authenticity to your walls that cannot be achieved with paint alone.  Our plasters have a soft, pleasing feel, while still being very durable.  We love the custom look a sophisticated plaster can give!

European plaster finish in Terrell Hills living, Paper Moon Painting, San Antonio plasterer

Get inspired by photos of some of our specialty plaster and paint finishes.  And check out our Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz pages for more!  And you can see our 5-star Google ratings for both our Austin and San Antonio locations.

Our plaster and specialty finishes include:

  • European lime plasters – our most historically authentic finish, lime plasters have been in use for centuries, can be matte or highly polished, and have a lovely, soft feel

  • Fine interior stucco finishes that are very smooth while still offering a subtle variation in the finish

  • Venetian plasters in both lime and acrylic versions

  • Metallic plasters such as Lusterstone

Venetian plaster, lime plaster in San Antonio by Paper Moon Painting
Venetian plaster fireplace imitiating Calacatta Gold marble by Paper Moon Painting
Lusterstone metallic plaster silver gray ceiling by Paper Moon Painting company, San Antonio


A few design notes:


Plastering has been around for centuries, if not millennia.  It has a more natural, authentic look and feel than today’s acrylic- or petroleum-based paints.  A plastered finish costs more than the textured and painted Sheetrock found in most homes nowadays, but if the home design budget permits, there’s nothing quite like it!


Plasters come in two basic types: those with a natural base material such as lime or clay, and those with a modern-day equivalent such as acrylic.  There are pro’s and con’s to each, and either type can give you a beautiful look, whether you want a subtle European look or a polished Venetian marble effect.  We can help advise you on the best choice for your home!

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