Do you love the look of glazed cabinets?

Cabinet glazing – also known as “antiquing” or “tea-staining” – means applying a darker, translucent finish, or “glaze” onto your cabinets to highlight the detailing, or to give a more traditional look.  Glazed cabinets enhance the interiors and kitchens in more traditional homes, from “Mediterranean” to “country French” to “modern farmhouse”.  The glazed finish itself can be highly customized, and can range from barely-there “subtle” to more heavily brushed “rustic”.

We start by giving your cabinets a smooth, new finish in the appropriate base color, which we will help select based on the look you want.  Then we apply the glaze by hand, allowing more of the darker glaze color to settle in the grooves and corners of your cabinets to emphasize any details.  On the larger, smooth areas of the cabinets, the glaze is wiped down until the right look is achieved.  Here is where the magic happens!  The glaze can be wiped out almost entirely, leaving just a hint of color, or can be brushed and left in a heavier layer for a more hand-done look.  There’s a tremendous range of customization for glazed cabinets.  The choice is yours!

With glazed cabinets, there’s a wide range of finishes possible! Since glazed finishes are hand-done, the look can vary greatly!  This is the beauty and uniqueness of the finish, and variations in the final result are “part of the charm”.   It’s always a good idea to have inspiration photos of glazed cabinets to show us, so that we know what look you want.  We also have samples on hand of our glazing finishes, and can create a custom sample as well!
Farmhouse ranch kitchen, glazed cabinets antiqued island cabinet in blue
Our cabinet glazing services include:
  • Applying the appropriate base color to your cabinets before glazing, to get the final result right!
  • Hand-applying the glazed finish to the degree of detailing, subtlety, and “hand-brushed” quality you want.
  • Sealing your glazed cabinets afterwards, if needed, to ensure durability and cleanability.
Read more about our cabinetry finishes here.  Our cabinet finishes are beautiful by themselves, even before the glazing goes on!  Browse our cabinet projects here.  And feel free to check out our InstagramHouzz, and Pinterest pages, plus see our 5-star Google ratings for both our Austin and San Antonio locations!
White painted glazed kitchen cabinets by Paper Moon Painting
Dark blue glazed cabinets closeup of built-in cabinet, black glaze over dark blue base paint
Glazed cabinets, island glaze finish by Paper Moon Painting, San Antonio cabinet glazing and painting company