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Austin, Texas has a unique interior design style – colorful, bold, eclectic, with a dash of modern farmhouse and traditional thrown in!  Our furniture-quality cabinet finishes are beautiful, durable, and show off any cabinets to full advantage.  Here are some of our favorite projects.  And check out our “Before and After” page  –  it’s always fun seeing those “before” pics!


We never use stock photos!  Rest assured you’re seeing actual projects of ours.

A few design notes:


The cabinet painting in Austin, Texas is as varied as its residents.  As you can see, we’ve painted nearly every cabinet profile and color!  However, most Austin cabinets are either Shaker-style or the more traditional “raised panel” cabinets.  Most newer homes have Shaker kitchen cabinets, because the style works well for more contemporary kitchens but it can also go “farmhouse”.   The cleaner lines of Shaker cabinets lend themselves well to bolder color choices, from rich green (a favorite) to classic blue to strong black.

However, if your home was built before 2010, odds are you have raised panel cabinets, which are more traditional.  We’ve done bold colors on these as well, but the most frequent color choice by far for raised panel kitchens is white, off-white, or pale gray.  Dark grays and blacks work well too.  These color choices honor the traditional architecture of these homes very well, while still making the kitchen look updated and fresh.

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