Your house painting dilemma:


You know how it feels when you’re not happy with your house anymore?

It feels outdated, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re not sure which colors to choose, or who to call.

And you don’t want to make an expensive mistake that’ll make your family unhappy.


What if there was a company that could help you get it right?

One that specializes in high-end homes in San Antonio and Austin.

That gives you expert advice and shows you their quality house painting guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about hiring the wrong people or messing up your home.

And that is trusted by many of San Antonio and Austin’s top interior designers for their house painting projects, and that will bring the same level of care and attention to your home.


That’s what we do at Paper Moon Painting.


We are Peter and Lisa Moon, and we bring a collective forty years’ worth of wisdom to your project.   We believe strongly in the power of color and good design to improve your family’s happiness and well-being.   After all, any painter can slap paint on a wall.  Our mission goes deeper.  At our core, we share the same artistic DNA as the interior designers we work with.  We know a house painting project can be daunting.  We’ll help you get it right!  We’re here to beautify the world one space a time  –  cheesy grins included free, no charge!


Scroll down to schedule a consultation at your home and get the house painting process started!

Peter & Lisa Moon of Paper Moon Painting, your San Antonio resources for all things house painting, wallpaper installation, or cabinet refinishing!
Peter and Lisa Moon