Our resident Paper Moon Painting video nerds have a great time making our office Christmas videos each year, and we thought they were funny enough for their own page.  What can we say… We’re easily entertained!  😀



P.S. For best quality, don’t forget to click on the gear-shaped “Settings” icon to select HD!

We love keeping busy at Christmas – and not always painting houses, LOL!  We think this “snowman” is just too cute.  Happy Holidays, everyone!  🙂

This was our 2017 video “Christmas card”.  Thanks to the talented Danny Owen-Kohutek of Deko 37 Video Production for putting this together!

There’s one in every office, LOL!  We couldn’t stop laughing when our beloved resident Grinch, Paul the Finances Guy, joined in on decorating the office Christmas tree.  He’s hysterical!!

It’s like herding cats, LOL!  We were just trying to get a simple photo for the 2016 company Christmas card…