Want something truly unique for your home? Whether in paint or plaster, our artisans can create any custom finish you desire!

We’ve all seen the fad of heavy-handed faux finishes come and go.  We’ll always prefer a custom finish that stands the test of time.  Possibilities range from classic high-impact finishes such as gold or silver leaf, to metallic paints and plasters that are works of art in themselves.  And we love the sophistication and authenticity of  fine plaster finishes!

Get inspired by some of our own unique, custom projects.  And browse our InstagramPinterest, and Houzz pages for more!  Plus check out our 5-star Google ratings for both our Austin and San Antonio locations.

Custom finish in Lusterstone metallic plaster silver gray ceiling

Custom glazed finishes can be applied to cabinetry as well.

If you love the look of a subtle antiquing glaze on your cabinets, our craftsmen can give you a beautiful glaze on top of our sprayed cabinetry finishes!

Our custom finishes include:


  • Metallic paints and plasters, including Lusterstone (a lovely, sueded metallic plaster finish)
  • Subtle, elegant glazes, including antiquing glazes for cabinetry
  • Metal leaf finishes such as gold leaf, silver leaf, and copper leaf
  • Have an inspiration photo for your project?  We can collaborate to create virtually any finish.  The sky’s the limit!
Our Santa Barbara plaster finish in a lovely powder bath, Paper Moon Painting, San Antonio plaster installers
Gold leaf and paint finish by Paper Moon Painting, San Antonio metal leaf experts
Metallic hand-painted custom finish by Paper Moon Painting, San Antonio

What is a “custom finish” anyway?

Custom finishes have a long history.  Sheetrock and today’s acrylic-based wall paints are a modern invention.  Before that, both interiors and exteriors were finished in historic plasters and paints made of natural materials such as lime or even clay.  And decorative finishes such as faux marbling have been done for centuries in Europe to imitate the real thing where real marble wasn’t practical.  (One of our greatest thrills was seeing an Italian artist touching up faux marble panels in the Vatican!)

Modern paints and plasters have expanded the range of what can be done.  The key for today’s homeowner is to give their home a unique touch that won’t be trendy and out-dated in a few years!  (Remember all the glazed wall finishes during the Tuscan trend??)  We’re here to help you envision and create a custom finish for your home that is classic and timeless.