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Wallpaper installer Christian installing retro wallpaper
Paper Moon Painting wallpaper hanger installing mica wallpaper

.Some of our top-rated wallpaper installers in action.  Love the retro logo on the shirt on the right!




A few design notes:


As you can see, these aren’t your grandmother’s wallpapers!  Gone are the stripes, diamond shapes, and duck or pineapple motifs of yesteryear.  Wallpapers today are much more sophisticated.  You’ll see subtle papers with a bit of shimmer, bold graphics for serious impact, or hand-painted beauties in classic chinoiserie-inspired designs.


And the materials are more varied as well.  We still have grasscloth, for example, but now it’ll be made of finer fibers, or have metallic threads, or patterns printed on top.  And if you need serious durability, don’t despair!  Commercial vinyl wallcovering, which you’ll see in hotels, restaurants and conference centers because of its toughness and cleanability, no longer has the “plastic” feel of the past.  Today’s commercial vinyls look and feel like silk or linen and would beautify any home.


Need help knowing how much wallpaper to order for your project?  We can help you measure and calculate how many rolls or yards you’ll need, so that you’ll have just the right amount when our wallpaper installer shows up!