Okay folks, in case you haven’t noticed:   the wallpaper trends have changed again.  I know you’ve been meaning to get rid if that old dated wallpaper, thinking that the stuff is completely “out”.  You’ve resigned yourself to having that room textured and painted like the rest of the house, and you still can, of course – we do it for our clients all the time – but if you secretly have a soft spot for wallpaper, the good news is that wallpaper is back, so you have our hearty blessing to go wallpaper shopping instead.

The new styles are spactacular indeed. Take a look at any design magazine (or our Wallpaper Gallery) and you will see some of the most fantastic wallpapers you’ve ever dreamed of… some you won’t even recognize as wallpaper!

Some of our favorites wallpaper trends we’re installing:

  • Grasscloth – either the real thing (it’s back in business!), or in a more refined version, such as a metallic or with a pattern imprinted on it.  Or …
  • Commercial vinyl (the standard for hotels, restaurants, and offices)  that LOOKS like grasscloth, but without the fragility.  Got toddlers in the house – or cats??  No problem!  You’d be amazed at how authentic commercial vinyl looks AND feels these days.   And it no longer looks – dare we say it – “commercial”.  Your space will feel like a beautiful high-end home, not a Hilton!
  • Commercial vinyl that looks like silk!!  Totally gorgeous, totally upscale.
  • Bold patterns.  Gone are the minutely-patterned papers of the past.  Today’s patterns and bold and benefit from strong color contrasts and a grand sense of scale.  We find they work best on accent walls or in smaller spaces like office nooks or powder baths!
  • Papers with non-traditional materials like cork, metals, glass beads… These can get a little trendy, but they sure are pretty!

(Are we tempting you yet?)

I’m serious, folks  –   I’ve been in this business for 35 years, I’ve seen a lot of wallpaper trends come and go, and I’ve never seen more exciting selection.  Wallpapers now are much more elegant and sophisticated, and thus more likely to stand the test of time.  Yes, they are more expensive than they used to be, but that’s okay because wallpaper is used more judiciously now, on an accent wall or in a smaller space that begs for decoration, like a powder bath.  (Not to mention ceilings!)

So if you’ve worn that “vintage” wallpaper way too long, don’t make any decisions about what to do until you’ve gone to look at the latest incarnations of wallpaper. Then you’ll be better informed on whether you want to add some fresh paint colors or a little patterned pizazz to that room.