COVID-19 and your House Painting Project

All of us here at Paper Moon Painting, both in our Austin and San Antonio locations, have been keeping a close eye on daily developments with COVID-19, or coronavirus.  More than anything, we want you safe!  While it’s impossible to eliminate all risk and we cannot predict how this virus will behave, there are still preventative measure we can take.  All Paper Moon Painting staff and home painters are taking care to be mindful of their own health and safety, and that of our neighbors, customers, and community at large.  We are following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, including:


  • Washing hands often and thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are unavailable.
  • Keeping the recommended 6 feet from people (“social distancing”).
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant.
  • Wearing masks.
  • Setting up plastic barriers to “tent off” the space we’ll be working in.


Plus, our estimators can FaceTime with those customers who need an estimate for house painting services, but would rather not have in-person contact with anyone at this time.

If you have an upcoming appointment for an interior or exterior painting estimate, please let us know if you have any concerns!  You can reach our Austin office at (737) 257-4191, or our San Antonio branch at (210) 741-8610.  And for cabinet painting, we can often estimate your project via email.  In the meantime, we’ll keep monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus and take any precautionary steps as they are announced.

See this page from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) for important tips to help prevent the spread of the seasonal flu and respiratory diseases like Coronavirus (COVID-19): CDC Coronavirus Website
Full face mask and half mask for professional cabinet painting and spraying, Paper Moon Painting cabinet painters

By the way . . .

Now’s the perfect time to get your exterior house painting done with Paper Moon Painting!

If you’ve been wanting to get the exterior of your home painted, this is actually the perfect time to do so.  We can estimate your exterior home painting project without needing in-person contact.  And our expert house painters can paint your home’s exterior without any in-person interaction with you or your family.  Whether you need to update the color of your home or want to preserve your home from the elements, spring is the perfect time to get your home painting done.  This is especially true in Central and South Texas, since the weather is neither too hot nor too cold (and the mosquitoes aren’t out yet!).  And once the COVID-19 pandemic is well in hand and life returns to normal (hurray!), the high demand for interior painting services means you’ll have to wait even longer to get your exterior painted.
Click below to schedule a free exterior home painting estimate with either our Austin or San Antonio branches!  And if you have an interior home painting project, reach out to us as well.  (With all the time we’re spending at home, there’s a very good chance you’ll see something you want painted or updated!)  All of our interior and exterior paint projects are being conducted with careful attention to health and safety.