Be Honest, Can I Trust your Painters?

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Be Honest, Can I Trust your Painters?

The title says it all, and believe it or not, I get asked this question by more than half of our new clients. And it’s an understandable one. I know the feeling of opening your front door for the electrician or plumber and wondering, “Hmm.  He looks a bit… raggedy.  We’ll see how this goes.”  You’ve probably done plenty of research to find trustworthy painters in Austin or San Antonio, but it still comes down to the individuals who’ll be working on your project. After all, we’re strangers who will be working inside of your home. Your home is your safe space and you need it to stay feeling that way. Asking whether you can trust our painters is a very fair question and my answer is simply, “I do!” 



Why do we feel our guys are trustworthy painters?



Our painters are employees, not subcontractors.


It is our honest belief that this is the best way to run a business. We have a lengthy hiring process that consists of 3 different meetings and a background check. Many of our painters have worked in our own personal homes and the homes of our friends and relatives. Most of our employees have been with our company for several years. We can tell a homeowner that we trust someone with confidence, because we’ve worked alongside them, seen how they solve problems, heard them reassure nervous homeowners.  We’ve met their spouses and children at company Christmas parties, and seen firsthand how they have become real friends with each other, and not just coworkers. Each of our guys have stayed late and given up personal time to help bring a project in on time and do what is right by both the company and the homeowner.


Happy painters are trustworthy painters.


This is our own opinion, and it has worked wonderfully for us so far. Honestly, we do more for our employees than most “trades” or companies who work in the home renovation or home improvement space. We pay well, because if your employees are worried about feeding their families, they aren’t focused on the task at hand. We also offer health insurance, because we’ve personally seen some of our painters cope with health crises in their families, and no one should have to worry about that.  And we cover all work expenses and provide well-stocked and well-maintained vans to all of our teams. Why do so much? Because it makes the experience worth it! When you care about the people working for your company, they will care more about the company’s clients and getting the job right.


We educate our painters, and not just in “how to paint”.


We have OSHA Safety meetings as well “pre-production” meetings every Monday morning. Our guys know we care about their safety, not just from a “corporate” standpoint but because we’ve gotten to know them and their families. We also have ongoing technical training to ensure all of our painters have the knowledge necessary to perform the services we offer with the quality we expect. And a huge amount of the education provided for our crew leaders revolves around communication. We’re not hiring painters off the street who answer questions with a grunt or a shrug.  We train for honest, clear communication between our staff, our crews, and our homeowners.  Trustworthy painters can look you in the eye and answer your questions clearly.


For many of our painters, it’s a matter of family pride.


Most of our painters grew up with dads, uncles, or cousins who worked in painting or in similar fields.  Many of them first learned how to paint as teenagers after school.  They wouldn’t dream of letting their mentors down by doing a poor quality job or by proving they weren’t trustworthy painters around our homeowners.  It’s a matter of personal pride for them to uphold their family’s honor and integrity, and we love that!


And probably the best proof of all is our online reviews.  If you look at the Google reviews for both our Austin and San Antonio locations, you’ll see that many times, the homeowners have mentioned the painters who worked on their project by name.  That kind of individualized praise speaks volumes!


[By the way, you can see our actual painters for both Austin and San Antonio, so you know who’ll be coming to work in your home!]


We talk more about things like how to pick a good painting company here, but I wanted to talk a little more personally and directly about why I think you can trust our guys.  When I’m asked by new potential customers if they can trust our painters, my answer is always a resounding Yes!  To the degree that it’s humanly possible, we don’t want you to worry about having trustworthy painters in your home, and we’d be honored to be your painters in either Austin or San Antonio.


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