We know life happens.  We’re here to help!

Once a year we’ll send one of our painters to your home to do one hour of free touch-ups, anywhere inside your home where we’ve painted your walls, that we can reach without needing a ladder. Trust us – we can get a lot done in an hour!

Please have your original saved leftover paint handy!


Without it, our touch-ups won’t blend in seamlessly, and you entire wall would need to be painted with newly-purchased paint.  In that case, 1-hour touch-ups wouldn’t be possible.  We could give you an estimate to paint the wall(s) in question, but it wouldn’t be part of our free annual touch-up service!

Painter with white paint on brush, annual touch-ups, Paper Moon Painting

Important specifics about our free annual touch-ups:

1.    We can only touch up interior walls that we’ve previously painted.

If your walls are looking a little beat up but they were painted by someone other than Paper Moon Painting, we’d be happy to give you an estimate for new painting services.

2.  During this visit, we can only touch-up areas we can reach without needing a ladder.

Our free one-hour annual touch-ups are only meant for normal scuffs that occur at “human level” (eye level or below, or less than six feet high).  If you have damage higher up, such as scuffs from drapery installation or stains from a roof water leak, that would need a new painting estimate as well.

3.  Regular painted walls only   –   No woodwork please! (and no specialty painted walls)

Your baseboards and cabinets can get pretty beat up too.  But those areas usually require filling and sanding of any dings to get a smooth surface again, plus priming the filler material and then applying two coats of final color to get the touch-ups to blend in.  They take much longer to touch up than just one hour!  If we previously painted your cabinets and they now have dings or chips that need repair, we’ll come see if the damage is covered by our warranty.  We want you to love your painted cabinets for a long time, so we’ll take care of any warranty work for free, or let you know how much it would be to fix more extensive damage.  We just can’t fix it as part of our free annual one-hour service.

Likewise, our free touch-ups are for regular painted walls in a single color with latex paint.  We can’t do this for specialty painting of any kind, such as faux painted walls, glazed walls, plastered walls, etc.  And needless to say, no wallpaper!

4.  Interior walls only, please – no exteriors!

The exterior of your home is subject to much more extreme conditions than the inside.  (This is why getting your exterior painted by a knowledgable professional is so important – paint actually serves a protective function on your home, and it needs to be done right.)

Since there are so many things that can happen to a home’s exterior – anything from tree branches scratching it during high winds, to birds or wild animals wreaking havoc – we can’t do free touch-ups on your home’s exterior, even if we’ve painted it.  But we’ll be happy to take a look and see if you’d like us to paint an area, as a separate project.  Just schedule an estimate!


Need more touch-up work than just walls?

Since walls are “ground zero” for most of the visible scuffs and dirt in our homes, our free annual touch-up service is only for walls at “human level” (6 feet or below).  But if you’ve got more serious wall damage like holes or cracks, wear-and-tear on any woodwork such as baseboards or cabinetry, or need to refresh your ceilings or exterior, just schedule an appointment with us, and one of our estimators will come take a look at your project!

Has it been a year since we’ve painted your home?

Ready to schedule your free one-hour touch-up service?

Call us at 512-522-4887 (Austin) or 210-655-3626 (San Antonio) and we’ll take care of you!