Here’s a “hello” video from us!  Running time:  1 min.

Interior Designers in Austin

If you’re an interior designer in Austin who could benefit from having a painting company who “gets it”, we would love to meet with you! BONUS: Our specialty is cabinet painting!
Watch our cabinet painting process!  Running time:  2 min.

Visit our Cabinet Project Gallery to see some of our favorite projects!

Call our office anytime, we’d love to meet with you
at your studio or your project site!


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Why Designers Love Paper Moon Painting:


Clients already love us because of our brand promises:

  1. We’ll get their project right,

  2. We’ll be in and out on time, and

  3. They’ll love our guys!.

But why do designers love us?

  • We protect your brand and your reputation.  We know your clients see us as a part of your team and an extension of you.  We want to represent you well, so that your project (and your business) will be successful.
  • We know how hard you work to attract the right clients and build your business.  We support you by taking care of you promptly and handling the financial interaction with clients however you prefer.
  •  Clients hate disruption and uncertainty.  Our painters work to be extra-careful, clean and neat, and to support your vision if asked.  And our streamlined systems keep your clients informed of every step, so they’ll have a great experience with us.
  • We’re fully insured with general liability and workman’s compensation, so your clients don’t have to worry!
  • We guarantee our finishes for three years.  We’re not going anywhere!  We’ve never left a client high-and-dry and we’re proud of our history of delighting clients with our work.